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Luke is in a terrible fix: Siobhan wants him to write her paper. Luke tries a variety of
heuristics and questions. Some of them backfire, others work well. We probably filmed more approaches for this scenario than
for any of the others; the actors had been in the same situation, especially with friends who came to them for help. The actors wanted
to simulate the ways in which a tutor can get a writer to do her own work through the use of techniques such as glossing and nutshelling ideas, through asking a range of specific and general questions, and through the tutor using Rogerian techniques of repeating key words to the writer and then asking for more detail about these “code words” not fully explained in the essay (do my assignment for me). Bad techniques were easy to film: Luke did everything from breaking our university’s honor code by writing the paper for Siobhan to overreacting to Siobhan’s request for unethical help, enraging her by repeating, in a condescending way, our policy on plagiarism.